Businesses  using the system would generate sales and redeem rewards and had multiple choices of plans to be on.
The 2Review concept was built to enable reviews on businesses everywhere and for that to be a major business intelligence system as well as powerful consumer reviews system. It was novel because it gave rewards for reviews that could be redeemed at any business in the system and the value to the consumer of those reviews were around $10 per validated review.
It was built on a legacy codebase and most of it was outdated before it got launched and enthusiasm for the big upgrade pre launch was just not there. However the site still presents a significant opportunity to someone willing to invest time into modernised rebuild.

The business processes were and still are unique in the world

Source Code is available on bitbucket, message us [email protected]


Very extensive codebase written primarily in PHP, with modernised libraries for REST API included on some features is premium domain name

Also included in the package

Was used as a shareable url for large businesses


Was used as a shareable url for small businesses